User interfaces

NOW! Innovations provides all the available interfaces for the customers so that the customers can choose the most convenient one for themselves.

Key Features


Customer portal provides web interface for the service subscription, set up, and use. It also gives an overview of transaction history, invoices, ID tools, subscription packages, account settings, etc.


Since the smartphone penetration is growing monthly, NOW! Innovations provides its smartphone apps for the service. In app the customers can start and stop their parking and charging sessions and see the account balance. The apps may either be provided by NOW! Innovations with now design or skinned according to your needs. 


We also support various ID tags to start transaction, like RFID cards, NFC tags, license plates, PIN pads, etc.  


You can analyze and tweak your business logic with a number of reporting tools delivering graphic reports, tables and CSV export files. Live or interval-based reports will give you the best possible tools to review the operations and make any adjustments if needed.  


Using industry standard open protocols we can link the platform with various hardware and software providers as well as 3rd party services.  


The platform supports a number of languages already. Any number of additional languages can be added to the platform based on your needs. Each service provider can choose whether to have its own visual identity on all interfaces or use the standard visual identity provided by NOW! Innovations. Usually customizing interfaces works best for the large established operators, whereas NOW! interfaces are suitable for smaller ones, who will be able to save on developing CVI and marketing materials.  

Use cases  


The City of Moscow uses extensively the API interface to communicate with various hardware and software to provide the seamless business processes. Moscow system is skinned according to Moscow Parking Space CVI and Moscow system is currently in Russian and English languages. 

ELMO network 

ELMO customer portal and app are based on ELMO brand CVI.  It gives a great overview of the charging transaction history to both customers and service providers. System administrators and operators may use NOW! report engine to get an overview of charging network usage over time, revenue and account growth figures, and pin pointing most valuable customer types. Additionally with some help of visualization tools, the charging sessions reports can be used to generate dynamic graphics of charging sessions overlaid to Google maps – those display the geographic trends of charging sessions. Mixing geodata with transaction data helps to understand the business better as you can easily spot the most valuable charger locations.