1. NOW! Innovations has joined NOKIA at at WIMA, the 5th Global NFC Applications Products and Services Congress

    NOW! Innovations is one of the world’s leading digital permit and mobile payment solution providers above all though not only for the parking and transport sectors.

     is the official sponsor of the WIMA event and is also hosting NOKIA NFC Zone. The NOKIA NFC Zone is hosting some of NOKIA’s up and coming companies developing NFC solutions today using the latest Nokia tools and devices. Everyone could discover exciting applications and services, highlighting the ease and enjoyable experience with NFC. Nokia continues to spearhead the development of the NFC ecosystem by providing NFC devices and experiences for consumers as part of our smartphone portfolio, starting in 2011. The aim is simple: To provide consumers with compelling NFC experiences that they can trust and enjoy in an open industry environment.

    WIMA is the leading global Conference & Exhibition exclusively dedicated to NFC technology, bringing together the entire NFC ecosystem from industry leaders, to start-up companies, application developers, service providers, standards organisations, government bodies and research & educational institutions to its annual event in Monaco.

    The WIMA 2011 Conference Programme will continue its highly successful parallel tracks format of business and technical presentations from key industry players of the latest NFC products, innovative applications, use cases and services, for transport, payment, healthcare, access control, testing, compliance, standardisation, R & D, and new exciting vertical sectors for game development and social media and much more…

    NOW! Innovations, has developed a mobile payment solution for parking, retail and other payments to help consumers to avoid hassle with coins and waste of time related to cash or card payments, by deploying telecom and banking experiences in building the most flexible billing platform and a framework for seamless integration.

    Demo at WIMA - NOW! Innovations NFC enabled seamless payment solutions simplify commerce. We are presenting on WIMA at NOKIA NFC Zone stand two new user friendly payment options.

    ParkNOW! with NFC - parking payment with NFC mobile phone and NFC tag allows drivers to just Touch and Park.

    PayNOW! with NFC - is the fastest digital payment option with NFC tags and phones for customers and retailers: simply Touch and Pay, developed in partnership with ERPLY for NOKIA NFC phones.

    ERPLY is a vital tool for managing your retail operations. Whether you’re a small or home-based business, you can use this multi-functional program to alleviate busy paper work and streamline operations.
    With a customizable, easy to navigate interface, ERPLY helps you get organized, save time and sell online and offline.
    ERPLY is a maker of software for commercial retail inventory and ecommerce that handles data across physical shops, online stores and offices and provides real-time dashboards with relevant data.

    NOW! Innovations participated at WIMA with a grant from the EU Regional Development Fund.